About Abby

Abigail Gracen Bacho was not unlike any other nine-year-old four days before Christmas.

She was overflowing with joy, excitement, and wonderment for the upcoming holiday.

Abigail Gracen Bacho

On December 22, 2012, the Bacho family, which consisted of Abby, her two sisters, her mother and father, and her grandfather, cherished a full day of activities. They had enjoyed the local roller skating facility, attended Mass and savored dinner out. As the day was coming to a close the family decided to partake in some tours of neighborhood homes adorned with festive Christmas lights... that's when everything changed.

The Bacho family was involved in a horrifying car accident. Abby and her father were life-flighted to separate trauma hospitals in Atlanta. Abby's father would remain in a medically induced coma for 4 weeks; however, gradually recovered. Our Abby would never recover from her injuries. Abigail Gracen Bacho became an Angel on Christmas Day. She gave the most precious gift. The Gift of Life.

Abby's Angels Foundation encompasses everything Abby. Through this foundation, we invite you to know her. Our extraordinary Abby. Abby's Angels Foundation will be her legacy. A legacy of LOVE and GIVING. For there is nothing greater than this.

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Abby's Foundation

Providing Hope and Encouragement to children and their families through Love, Laughter, and the Gift of Life

Abby's Angels Foundation has been created to forever honor our Angel Abby. We hope to be a bridge of support to families whose children give the Gift of Life through organ donation. With the assistance of guidance counselors and teachers, we also wish to provide school supplies to children in need through their local school system.

Our family and dear friends are lovingly making beautiful and symbolic Abby's Angels Bracelets to raise funds and awareness for the Foundation. These bracelets are also an outward symbol of our faith and love of Abby.

Heartfelt gratitude for all of the gestures of kindness and love shown to our family. Thank you for the continuing support and encouragement of Abby's Angels Foundation.

Our Mission

To provide school supplies through Abby's Closet to children in need; to be a bridge of support to families of children who have so graciously given the Gift of Life; provide outreach programs for children in the South Metro Atlanta area who have lost a sibling.

Abby Bacho Memorial Eagle Award

May 23, 2014 was the last day of school for many Coweta County students. An exciting day for many and a day to recognize and reward students for their hard work and accomplishments. This is the day Abby would have joined her friends as they close the chapter of elementary school. Her excitement and nervous energy visible from a mile away. Her sadness to be leaving the loving and supportive world she knew as her school and all of those who touched her life in the years spent at Newnan Crossing Elementary School. Aside from family and friends, NCES played a very big role in Abby's life. This year the 2014 Abby Bacho Memorial Eagle Award was presented to a 5th grade student at Newnan Crossing Elementary. A classmate of Abby's.

Annually, Abby's Angels Foundation and the Bacho family will present this memorial/honorary award to a deserving 4th grade student. This year a 5th grader was chosen because this was Abby's class. The class who began the journey with her 6 years ago. Using characteristics exemplary of Abby's personality and spirit--a student was chosen by the 5th grade teaching staff. It was our privilege to present the very 1st award in honor of Abby to Donia Chiciu. Donia received this personalized plaque with a special Abby's Angels Foundation bracelet in the NCES school colors. Congratulations Donia Chiciu and Thank you NCES for joining with us to recognize a student in Abby's memory and to keep her present within the NCES family.



October 1, 2013

A student visited Abby's' Closet for markers, crayons, an eraser, colored pencils, and glue sticks. Upon returning to the classroom he didn't want to go to recess because he wanted to look at his cool school supplies. He got the necessities plus a bonus - a Superman notebook! He was so excited to get started on his homework. This particular student had not done homework all year long.

October 4, 2013

After a student visits Abby's Closet he is "SO PROUD of his new notebook". During class he called his teacher over and shared, " Look! I can keep up with my stuff now! " He then proceeded to show his teacher how the notebook opens and where to store school work. " It was priceless! "

October 18, 2013

A student was identified by a counselor as needing some very basic school supplies. This student has also struggled academically. Some supplies were give to the student from Abby's Closet and she was so happy, but especially with the locker blanket that she would not have been able to get otherwise.

Birthday Supplies

Abby's cousin of his own decision, chose to not receive birthday gifts from his friends at his 9th birthday party. Instead, he chose to ask his friends to bring school supplies to donate to an Abby's Closet in Georgia. He lives out of state in Connecticut. One of the local elementary schools in Newnan received a large box full of school supplies ready for use.

Welch Elementary

1st grade classroom has a weekly discussion about "Glows and Grows" Glows are things positive in their school or classroom and Grows are the new things. A boy from the class spoke up and named their Abby's Closet at their school as their Glow.

That is just what Abby's Closet is all about plus more "Abby Style"

Abby's Closet

Abby LOVED to play school and pretend to be the teacher. She also loved shopping for new school supplies each year. With that, came the excitement, curiosity, and wonderment of learning. We believe Abby may have followed her dream to become a teacher.

In this spirit, the Foundation is creating an "Abby's Closet" in schools. This space is designated to stock the required supplies for each grade, and some fun funky stuff too. We know there are families who cannot provide even the basics to begin the year of replenish as needed in the following month. Our wish is that each "Abby's Closet" be a source of assistance to these students and possibly even encourage their desire to learn and further their education. We have only one requirement - the students that can benefit from "Abby's Closet" never feel outcast or needy. The purpose is so that they feel they belong.

These closets are possible because of donations and Abby's Bracelets being worn from California, Hawaii, England, Japan, Connecticut, Florida, and West Virginia. There are no borders. Since August of 2013 we have opened and stocked 5 Abby's Closets.

Current Closet Locatons:

  • Newnan Crossing Elementary
  • Welch Elementary (WV)
  • Atkinson Elementary
  • Elm Street Elementary
  • Arnall Middle School
  • Kimball Elementary (WV)
  • Angel’s House
  • White Oak Elementary
  • Lee Middle School
  • East Coweta High School
  • Brooks Elementary
  • Northside Elementary
  • Western Elementary
  • Thomas Crossroads Elementary
  • Arnco-Sargent Elementary
  • Ruth Hill Elementary
  • Welch Elementary

Abby's Dragonfly

Abby was born in Albuquerque New Mexico so it is only fitting that the Dragonfly be our image of focus. In the Native American community, it is a sign of purity, speed and happiness. Abby possessed all of these qualities. She was only 9 years old when she became our Angel in Heaven. Abby was a very happy child especially when helping others or spending time with family and friends.

As we visit Abby's gravesite, sit on the back deck or drive through the elementary school carpool line, there seem to be colorful dragonflies nearby. Dragonflies often symbolize maturity, change, and the understanding of a deeper meaning of life. Their iridescent wings project different colors and indicate a well-defined vision into the truths of life. Abby's life was full of color - the more the better - but specifically hot pink with zebra details.

Knowing the truths of life allow you to live your life without reserves. Dragonflies embody the quality of living IN the moment and living life to the fullest. Abby absolutely lived her life to the fullest and enriched others in the process. She was bursting with life, love for her faith, family and friends, had a passion for singing and performing, and had never met a stranger. Abby had a loving and generous spirit and lived her life without regret to the fullest.

When a dragonfly appears in your life, may it keep you mindful to embrace joy into your life, display your true colors, and try to achieve your full potential.

Buy a Bracelet

Our family and dear friends are lovingly making beautiful and symbolic Abby's Angels Bracelets as an outward symbol of our faith and love for Abby. Stories have been shared on numerous occasions by friends who have given their own bracelet to someone they believed could use its message of faith and love. Showing compassion towards others is truly a gift - sharing Abby's bracelet leaves them with a reminder of encouragement and prayers.

Abby's online store is coming very soon. You will be able to order from our catalog of bracelets or custom design your own. In the mean time you can purchase one of Abby's bracelets at any of these fine retail locations! You may private message us on Abby's Angels Foundation Facebook page or by sending us an email.

Family Friend Animal Hospital & Pet Lodge

229 Summerlin BLVD
Newnan, GA
(678) 552-1717

Headlines Hair & Nail Salon

770 Greison Trail #D
Newnan, GA
(770) 253-5758

Welch Emergency Hospital

454 Mcdowell Street
Welch, WV
(304) 436-8655

Willow Oak Couture

103 Clack Circle Suite 600
Eatonton, GA
(770) 401-5719

Design House Home & Garden. Inc.

4 Greenville Street
Newnan, GA
(770) 683-2825

Spoon Sisters Tiques & Treasures

843 Senoia Rd,
Tyrone GA
(770) 487-0052

Media & Press


2014 Rainbow Run

Payton Racing and JTS Motorsports

A BIG thank you to Payton Racing and JTS Motorsports for your support of Abby's Angels Foundation. Go see #24 in action and cheer on Abby's car at the Senoia Raceway every Saturday night!

Visit Senoia Raceway for more info. Good luck this season #24 and safe racing on the track.


Abby's story was featured on 11 Alive during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
Read the full story HERE

Abby's Public Service Announcement

Watch PSA


Celebration of Life - March 28th 2013

A beautiful day of memories and love of Abby was celebrated at Newnan Crossing Elementary with the 4th grade classes. Students read poems, shared stories, and supported one another during their loss of a classmate. A beautiful dogwood tree was planted at NCE in loving memory of Abby.



The Donor Family Quilt project is dedicated to the memory of those who so generously and humbly gave the Gift of Life. Abby's Square was created to celebrate her life.

Dogwood Poem


For information on our current and upcoming events please visit (and of course follow) our Facebook page.



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Class size is limited. Pre-registration will be required.

Do not miss this opportunity to save your child's life by giving them the skills to prevent an accident. To prevent their life from ending or another innocent person sharing the road with them. For information or to register, visit or call Woodrow Gaines at 770-823-7823.